New Singers / Musicians wanted for Open Mic

Beginning in Dec-2011, I will be looking for new Singers and Musician for a new Open Mic to continue the tradition at the Porterhouse Steak House Open Mic.

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Taska and The Outlaws
James (Bucky) Pottschmidt TempleOfTruthMinistries

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About Me


Perosnal Head shop of Joseph Pottschmidt I have been a long time musician and singer for many years. I started singing at a very young age (about 4 or 5) listening to a lot of musicals Peter, Paul and Mary, Beatles, and many different types of music. By age 6, I had picked up the Acoustic Guitar. This started a long list of instruments that I would learn to play. After taking lessons for about a year on acoustic guitar, I started dabbling in Piano. Since the local church my family and I attended had an old upright piano, I became highly interested with songs that I had heard before. During the Christmas season of my 7th birthday, I was starting to learn how to play Christmas songs. It wasn’t until age 10 that my parents gave me the opportunity to take piano lessons. At this point I had already been playing for 3 years and didn’t know how to read music. This was something I soon learn to overcome.

After starting 6th grade, I was introduced to concert band. After being tested for what instrument would be best, the trombone ended up being my instrument of choice. I stayed with the concert band all through middle, junior, and high school. I was asked to join the special group of individuals within the High school called “The Stage Band” and used that experience to tighten my skills in playing music by ear as well as being able to improve solos as well as singing and playing piano. By age 14, I had formed my first band with my two younger brothers, my best friend, and a mutual friend of my brothers and myself.

After about a year of solid practicing and learning our instruments, we started doing small shows for candy money. By the time I was in my junior year of high school, our band was working in bars and clubs in Oregon on weekends making money to support our music as well as some of the money going towards new equipment.

After graduating high school, my middle brother had dropped out of the band and went into the air force, and my younger brother and I kept on playing with other musical groups around the Longview/Kelso, WA area. That went on for about 6 more years before I had gotten out because of marriage and a need to make better money with a full time job. At that time, the music scene was getting bad due to ASCAP and others cracking down on copyrights and club owners having bands playing copyrighted material. This for the most part put an end to the live music scene for a long time. It is just now getting back around after 20+ years.

Years later, after getting laid off twice by the same job, I had an opportunity to move to Tampa, Florida. It is there that I hooked up with another group called “Joe Trippy and Fantasy”. These people were a group of individuals that played all different kinds of music and were more of a show-band. I had never played with the caliber of musician before. I played with them for about 2 years, working with such people as Frank Sentara Jr., and top acts from the 50's - 90's at the Fountain Blue Hilton, in Miami Beach, Florida.

After spending almost 8 years in Florida, i moved back to Portland, OR and currently live in the SW Part of Portland. I play a few “Open Mics” around town as time permits and currently am a Business Systems Analyst with an Insurance company here in Portland, OR.